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PhotoShop CC Essentials in only 3 hours

Get access to watch our expert-taught Photoshop tutorials and learn image editing, retouching, and color correcting for all skill levels. Find out how to use Photoshop shapes and layers, how to retouch photos, and much more.

PhotoShop CC Video Training

Getting Started with PhotoShop:

1. Discovering the Tools Panel, Accessing Tools and Their Options (4:35)

2. Maximising Productivity with Workspaces (6:57)

Creating PhotoShop Files:

3. Understanding Document Settings (2:59)

4. Opening an Existing Document (1:07)

5. Image Size and Resolution, Working with Tabbed Windows, Combining Images by Copying and/or Dragging (6:24)

6. Choosing a File Format and Saving Files (6:03)

7. Saving Specifically for Web Use (3:37)

Working with Tools:

8. Working with the Marquee Tool (16:10)

9. Working with the Magic Wand and Quick Selection (14:37)

10. Using the Lasso Tools (6:35)

11. Adding to and Subtracting From Selections (6:33)

12. Cropping an Image (01:08)

13. Using the Clone Stamp and Healing Tools (14:20)

14. Working with PhotoShop Brush Tools, Changing Brush Settings, Applying Color to an image, Changing Blending Modes (29:37)

15. Dodge and Burn (12:08)

16. Using the Gradient Tool (19:24)

17. Blur and Sharpen (07:18)

18. Working With Paths (27:12)

How to Edit Images

19. Transform Tools (12:29)

20. Colour Modes (10:49)

21. Image Adjustments and How They Work (Part1) (13:40)

22. Image Adjustments and How They Work (Part2) (11:57)

23. Image Adjustments and How They Work (Part3) (09:39)

24. Image Adjustments and How They Work (Part4) (15:01)

25. Document Editing (10:29)

Working With Layers

26. Understanding Backgrounds and Layers, Layers and Stacking Order, Locking a Layer, Changing the Visibility of a Layer (9:26)

27. Working Through Layer Options, Organising Layers in to Groups, Layer Opacity and Blend Modes (21:20)

28. Working with Adjustment Layers, Alpha Channels and Layer Masks (24:25)

Working with Text

29. Working with PhotoShop Text (14:13)

30. Using the Warp Text Option (02:46)

Working with Filters

31. PhotoShop Filter Gallery (11:37)

32. Filters: Oil Paint (05:57)

33. Filters: Blur, Distort and Pixelate (21:24)

34. Filters: Noise, Render, Sharpen and Stylise (15:55)

PhotoShop CC Video Training