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Here at TutorOnline, we are building a central learning centre specifically aimed at helping busy professionals stay ahead of the fast pace at which new technology is developing; specifically with media such as podcasting and videos.

Are You Struggling With Podcasting?

Podcasting is a great way to market your company, product, service etc.

Many people think that creating a podcast is far too technical for the average person. That podcasting is for experienced sound engineers or journalists.

But imagine if you could get rid of that feeling that podcasting is way too difficult.
Imagine if you could get confident enough to produce regular professional podcasts!
Now you can. I am going to show you how.

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“How to Use Audacity to Podcast”

Do you want to learn how to record your Podcast with this fantastic Free audio software? Learn how to record your voice, how to edit and export your recording ready to upload to iTunes and other podcast stations.

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“Learn Complete Web Development from Scratch”

Soaring demand, strong salaries, and geographical flexibility make web development an incredibly appealing career path right now.

Director of recruitment at Mondo (a tech staff agency) says “web development expertise is one of the hardest skill sets to find. The influx of demand has not been met with the talent readily available – there is a gap in terms of what the companies want to do and the talent that there is out there”

So are you considering embarking on a new career in web development?

If you answered yes, then you have come to the right place as we are currently offering a complete web development course from scratch.

You will begin with learning the basics. HTML and CSS are the two most important languages for a new web developer to learn. They are also the easiest to start with so if you’ve always wanted to build webpages, but were intimidated by the code, this course will help you learn your first two languages quickly and easily.

If you choose to stay then we will move on to WordPress and how to build a blog. You will learn how to install and configure WordPress, create pages and posts and learn how to install plugins.


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“The Definitive Starter Course for WordPress”

Learn how to build a website or blog in WordPress with our video tutorials. In this course, you will learn how to install WordPress and configure it for SEO, design a WordPress theme, create pages and posts and learn how to install plugins At the end of this course you will be able to install and set up your very own WordPress site.

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“Master PhotoShop in 3 Hours”

Are you aware of how important graphics really are? Every single business in existence require graphics in a plethora of ways. You might imagine the fees associated with getting design work done.


Some sources are really cheap, and others can cost hundreds (and even thousands) for things like logos, banners, websites, and clipart… all of which are essential for any online business. This is just a common problem that we all have to accept and live with… Or is it?


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